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10 Ideas  para fiestas al aire libre

10 Ideas para fiestas al aire libre

10 Tips for Entertaining Outdoors

Whether it’s a barbecue, a picnic or a full-blown dinner party, nothing beats enjoying delicious food with friends when the weather is nice. Throwing an outdoor party can be a snap if you know what to expect.

Here are 10 great tips for entertaining outdoors, no matter the occasion:

  1. Have Enough Seating

    Make sure you have plenty of room for everyone to sit. That means setting out enough chairs and benches and allowing enough room to prevent crowding too many people around one table. Seats should be comfortable, too. Try topping wooden outdoor chairs with cushions to make them more welcoming.

  2. Don’t Get Carried Away

    Tape down tablecloths so they won’t blow away. Sturdy, chip- and break-resistant Corelle® dinnerware is perfect for outdoor use. It stays in place on windy days, saving you from chasing paper around your yard. It’s also more durable than melamine plasticware that scratch and can’t be used in a microwave. One set of Corelle dinnerware works indoors and out.

  3. Create Flow

    Rather than serving all the food on a single table, use one table for mains, another for sides and other tables for desserts and drinks. Placing these stations around your yard will encourage guests to spread out and mingle in different areas.

  4. Dress It Up

    Decorations make any gathering much more entertaining…and it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money. Include pops of color with tablecloths, solid napkins and flowers or balloons. Choose colors found in your Corelle dinnerware pattern to tie the look together. Picking a party theme, like a luau or fiesta, is another way to add fun.

  5. Choose the Menu Wisely

    When planning what to serve, find out about any food allergies or dietary restrictions your guests might have. Are any of them vegetarian or on a gluten-free diet? Answering these questions in advance allows you to include options for everyone. This also applies to beverages.

  6. Keep Your Cool

    Will any of your dishes be less appetizing if they’re left sitting on a table outdoors for a few hours? Keep them fresh by placing them in bowls filled with ice and kosher salt.

  7. Bug Off

    A few decorative citronella candles can work wonders in repelling those uninvited guests. But keep bug-repellent spray handy, just in case.

  8. Light It Up

    Parties can last into the night if you keep things lit. If your yard doesn’t have sufficient lighting, consider adding tiki torches, string lights, candles, paper lanterns or even a portable fire pit.

  9. Make It Fun

    Atmosphere can be as important as food, so include a few ways to engage your guests. Set the mood with some ambient music. Encourage healthy competition by putting out yard games to play. If you have the means, use a projector to show an outdoor movie that links to your theme.

  10. Keep It Clean

    Place several large trash cans or trash bags around the area for convenient waste disposal. Remember to check the trash cans often and replace them with new bags if the cans fill up. Also, include an area near the beverages for recyclables.

These 10 tips for entertaining outdoors are just a starting point. Use your imagination, and make your outdoor event unique and memorable!

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