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Corelle Brands | Weekend Freeze: Make-Ahead Freezer Meals to Cover the Entire Week

Corelle Brands | Weekend Freeze: Make-Ahead Freezer Meals to Cover the Entire Week

Weekday meals can become stressful or even impossible, especially as the school year drags on. But, that doesn’t change your family’s need to eat. Freeze-ahead recipes are one of the best ways to ensure homemade, satisfying and, yes, even budget-friendly meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen every night of the week.

Here’s our simple equation to simplify your weekly dinner routine:

1 day of meal prep + 4 freezer meal recipes + 3 days to enjoy leftovers = One week of delicious meals!

Check out our quick tips for fix-and-freeze meals, and our editor’s picks of favorite make-ahead freezer recipes. It all adds up to easy, delicious and stress-free evenings!

Quick and Easy Freezer Meal Tips

Date each meal before freezing. Snapware® Total Solution™ containers have a special place on each lid to write the date with any marker. Or, use masking tape on other containers. Most freezer meals will last for several months, but even if you plan to use the food later in the week, it helps to know how long something has been frozen.

Choose recipes that use several of the same ingredients. It also streamlines grocery shopping. Chicken, anyone?

Poorly sealed food can get freezer burn in just a few days, so opt for airtight, reusable food storage like PYREX®
No Leak Lids™ and Snapware® Total Solution™ containers.

To minimize cleanup, use bake, serve and store products such as CorningWare® bakeware or Pyrex® glassware to assemble an entire meal, freeze it, bake it and store the leftovers—all in a single dish.

As you do more and more freeze-ahead cooking, you’ll get a feel for what freezes well and what your family likes the most. Save meal-planning time by storing your favorite recipes in an online recipe box, or print them and put them in a binder for quick access.

Fix-and-freeze recipes are nearly foolproof, so it’s easy to make them healthier by swapping in more vegetables and more nutritious ingredients. For example, you might add in your own homemade broth or soup instead of using higher-sodium canned broth.

If you have access to a microwave at work, use leftovers for lunch. It’s a great way to save at least $5 a day. Perfect for easy transport are Snapware® Total Solution™ and PYREX®
No Leak Lids™ containers, or CorningWare® Pop-Ins®.

Editor’s Picks: 45 Fix-and-Freeze Recipes to Try this Week

Fix-and-freeze cooking has taken the Internet by storm as more home cooks have discovered how quick and simple it is. Just search for “freezer meals” or “make-ahead meals” to get you started.

To make it easy, we’re shared some of our favorite fix-and-freeze meals from rock-star bloggers to get you started:

  1. Chicken and Wild Rice from the Joyful Momma’s Kitchen.
  2. Skip the frozen aisle and make the Happy Money Saver’s Easy Lasagna recipe.
  3. Thriving Home’s Cheesy Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas are gooey, tasty and freezer friendly.
  4. And here’s a real bonus from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe: 40+ Make Ahead Meals. We love ’em!