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Corelle Brands | Winter Olympic Warm-Up

Corelle Brands | Winter Olympic Warm-Up

The Winter Olympic Games: Competition and camaraderie. Inspiring moments etched in history. The world’s best athletes giving it their all.

And for those who love to entertain? A fine excuse for hosting the party of the year!

Go for the gold with these tips, recipes and ideas to bring in the Sochi Olympics with a bang.

Let the Parties Begin!

This year, the Winter Olympic Games will be held in the city of Sochi, Russia, situated on the Black Sea coast. This will be Russia’s first time hosting the Winter Games, so you can bet they’ll do it up big. Make sure your soiree matches the hype with food and décor as exciting as the Games themselves.

• Get your guests in the spirit by noting on your invites that they are welcome to sport their favorite country’s national colors. Or, make it a red, white and blue affair. USA! USA!
• Greet your friends at the door with their very own medal—there are some great vintage finds on eBay or Etsy.
• Place a wreath (called a kotinos, reserved for winners during the ancient Olympic Games) upon your partygoers’ heads. Since olive branches aren’t readily available, make them from dried eucalyptus or faux olive branches found at your local craft store.

And what Olympic-themed event is complete without a few games? Here are a few winter ones to get your party off to a competitive, fun start:

• Plan a snowflake-cutting contest, or have an indoor snowball fight with white balloons or wadded-up paper “snowballs.”
• Have a mini sled-decorating contest…better yet, divide into decorating teams representing different countries.
• Everyone loves a pool party, so start a friendly pool on what country will walk away with the most gold, silver and bronze medals. Forget about cash (you’re with friends, after all). This is all about bragging rights for the next 2 years!

Opening Ceremonies

Ambience can make the difference between a ho-hum party and one that’s totally happening. When it comes to Olympic décor, let the Olympic colors—blue, black, red, yellow and green—spark your creativity. We did, creating the Olympic rings from colored fruits on CORELLE® IMPRESSIONS™ DAZZLING WHITE 28-OUNCE WIDE RIMMED BOWLS. Want more ideas?
• Set your spread against a winter-themed backdrop of white, ice-blue and silver platters and linens, or line serving trays with shredded gold, silver or metallic paper.
• Incorporate dishes and other decorative details adorned with Russian folk art prints and patterns. You only need to get your hands on a few to really rock the look. (Notice the table runner we used in the photo? Found it at our local import store.)
• Finally, place your most impressive dishes or recipes on side-by-side podiums. Better yet, have your guests vote for their favorite food items, especially if each guest brings a dish to pass.

Olympic Eats

The No. 1 thing to remember about your Olympic-themed menu: Keep it FUN! And, a little international flavor adds a nice mix, too.
• Opt for a menu featuring finger foods so your guests don’t miss any of the action. Tasty bites they can eat with their hands or a toothpick are just the ticket, including an assortment of cheese cubes with mini flag picks.
• Offer beers from around the world or even put out some Russian vodka and caviar if your budget allows.
• Give yourself permission to play with your food by re-creating the Game’s most iconic symbols. Pull together a platter of fruit in the colors of the Olympic rings (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or cubed watermelon, tangerine slices, kiwifruit or green grapes) or arrange doughnuts frosted in the appropriate colors to look just like them.

Here are a few more Olympic-themed recipes you might want to try at your Winter Olympic Warm-Up, collected from some of our favorite food bloggers:

Cupcake Torches

Yellow-and-orange edible flames on white-frosted cupcakes, nestled in a sugar cone, make an awesome edible torch. Try these Olympic Torch Cupcakes from Hoosier Homemade.

Sugar Cookie Gold Medals

Sugar cookies, either dyed or dusted with edible glitter or colored sugar, make cool medals to munch on. You’ll love these Gold Medal Cookies from Not Your Momma’s Cookie!

Coconut Snowballs

Winter-themed eats are perfect for a Winter Olympic kickoff. Try these Coconut Snowballs from Glorious Treats.

White Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Nothing warms you up like hot cocoa. White Chocolate Hot Cocoa from Lil’ Luna, covered with whipped cream peaks, is ideal for the Olympic Games.

Whoopie Pie Pucks

Chocolate Whoopie Pies from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice are exactly what hockey fans will want to munch on. Color-coordinate the frosting to different national teams.

Bobsled Pretzel Dogs

When we found these fun Pretzel Dogs from Brown Eyed Baker, we couldn’t help think they double as mini bobsledders.


Share your Winter Olympic party ideas and recipes to get the Sochi Games off to a rousing start!

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