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Get a Grip on Professional-Grade DesignPro™ Knives

Get a Grip on Professional-Grade DesignPro™ Knives

Professional-Grade DesignPro™ Knives

Despite our strongest wannabe aspirations, odds are most of us will never cook quite like an Iron Chef. But you still can chop and cut veggies like a seasoned top chef—quickly and precisely, with control and confidence—thanks to Chicago Cutlery® DesignPro™ knives.

Like all Chicago Cutlery products, the DesignPro series of six different knives—chef, santoku, bread, utility, partoku and parer—is backed by more than 80 years of knife making experience and innovation. We forge these sleek, premium knives from high quality Japanese stainless steel, and they feature comfortable, durable handles made from a steel/polymer combination. And they’re ultra sharp, too!

The newest innovation lies between the handle and the blade: an indented bolster area that guides your hand to the optimum position for maximum control and superior cutting performance.

There’s no longer any reason to be intimidated by kitchen knives. You can’t miss with DesignPro. Regardless of hand size, the bolster area puts you in a position to cut with strength, balance and precision.

In fact, this innovation enables you to mimic how a pro holds a knife for optimal cutting control and efficiency—but in a much safer position—without pinching the blade between your thumb and forefinger, like pros do. How great is that?

We realize more and more people like you want to cook at home. After all, it’s often less expensive and healthier—and a lot more fun, too! But we also know you’re pressed for time, so speed and efficiency count as you slice and dice. That’s where Chicago Cutlery DesignPro knives step in, providing you with time-tested tools to make short work of kitchen prep work, whether you’re a culinary novice or someone with plenty of cooking chops.

So if you want to get a secure handle on completing meals faster and more efficiently—just like the pros—get a grip on an affordable DesignPro knife, engineered by the experts at Chicago Cutlery. You’ll feel more confident and empowered to try new feats of culinary wizardry in your very own kitchen.