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Spill-Proof Storage with Pyrex® Premium Glass Lids™

Spill-Proof Storage with Pyrex® Premium Glass Lids™

Pyrex® Premium Glass Lids™

Looking for a kitchen innovation that adds convenience and style to your life? Look no further than Pyrex® Premium Glass Lids™—the first and only leak-proof, airtight, glass-lidded storage devices on the market. Just like the glass storage vessels they’re designed to work with, these lids are made of durable, trustworthy, Pyrex heat-tempered glass.

You want versatility? Well, let’s see…dishwasher-safe? Check. Safely pop ’em in the oven or microwave for baking and cooking? Check. Stain- and odor-resistant glass? You bet. An attractive alternative for eco-conscious moms who prefer to use glass instead of plastic? Got it covered.

But there are even more reasons to like Pyrex Premium Glass lids, your kitchen’s functional and efficient little multitaskers. Check out the cleverly designed silicone rim that makes these lids airtight for foolproof food storage in the fridge or freezer. They’re leak-proof, too—don’t sweat moving them around your kitchen or taking them to a potluck dinner.

The silicone rim makes the lids quieter to use—no clanging noise to wake up the kids. And they’re also easier to put on and take off, thanks to a handy, oversize tab. Last but not least, see-through, glass lids provide convenience and clarity; you know exactly what’s inside a container with just a glance.

The affordable lids are round and come in three different sizes: 2-, 4- and 7-cup. You’ll find yourself washing fewer dishes, too, because you can use these lids and vessels to bake food, then store and reheat leftovers in the same containers. Plus, they’re stylish and contemporary looking, too.

From food prep to storage—and everything in between—savvy cooks know that few things make Pyrex glassware even better. However, Premium Glass Lids, paired with our trusty glass vessels, create the ultimate companion that simplifies your life in the kitchen.