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Total Solution®: Behind the Scenes of Innovation

Total Solution®: Behind the Scenes of Innovation

Developing a new product like Snapware® Total Solution™, a mom’s new BFF when it comes to leakproof, airtight, food-storage containers, is anything but a snap. The newly introduced line—which is more flexible than a yoga instructor—took almost two years to develop.

After hours and hours of focus groups, online surveys and visits to consumers’ homes, product designers produced a breakthrough product in the food-storage industry: Color-coded plastic lids that fit on either stainproof Pyrex® glass storage containers or BPA-free plastic containers.

Talk about flexible:

  • The small- and medium-sized lids are designed to fit multiple square, round and rectangular containers.
  • Lids also fit interchangeably on the six glass and 12 plastic vessels of various capacities, from 1 cup to nearly 16 cups.
  • Like-shaped vessels securely stack atop each other in the fridge, and plastic containers nest neatly in your cabinets. Plus, the lids stack together. You’ll never have to look for that missing lid again!

When design teams first started meeting about two years ago, the number one goal was to eliminate moms’ food-storage “pain points.” To pinpoint those frustrations, researchers held focus groups in Illinois and California, where they watched small groups of moms talk about their food-storage frustrations. Trained researchers replayed the videotaped sessions over and over, alert to not only the overtly expressed needs, but the subtler nonverbal cues, too.

Researchers also delved deeper into consumers’ mindsets by visiting about a half-dozen homes. There they watched intently for problems that moms encountered while using and handling food-storage containers, both when used in the refrigerator and when storing in the cabinet. Meanwhile, other researchers gathered information via online surveys.


Hours of team brainstorming sessions followed, where industrial-design and engineering teams joined the debate. The ultimate goal? A product that offers the right features and benefits to address those “pain points,” which turned out to be things such as lid chaos in the cabinet (solved by the universal-lid concept), ease of storage in the fridge (resolved with the stackability feature) and hard-to-clean lids (eliminated by molded lid gaskets and no food-catching grooves).

Another consideration: The new product must meet a reasonable price-to-value ratio. In other words, they had to meet a price that the consumer was willing to pay for all the added features and benefits.

The result is the launch of the award-winning Snapware Total Solution line. It may have taken two years to develop, but many consider these Snapware containers the most advanced food-storage system ever made.